Bucket Teeth

Our extensive G. E. T parts covers: Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco, JCB, Hyundai, Daewoo, Case, Volvo, ESCO, Hensley, H&L, Bobcat, Liebher, Kawasaki, Bofors, etc.?As part of our earliest and most basic industries,we have produced them for our customers for 12 years.Among all the G.E.T parts,the bucket teeth are the most,including Excavator Bucket Teeth,Scarifier Bucket Teeth,Ripper Teeth,Short Bucket Teeth,Long Bucket Teeth,Heavy Duty Long Teeth,Abrasion Bucket Teeth,Heavy Duty Abrasion Teeth,Penetration Bucket Teeth,Sharpening Long Teeth,SYL Bucket Teeth,Rock Chisel Bucket Teeth,Rock Penetration Teeth,Tiger Bucket Teeth and so on.They shoud be fixed on the adapters with pins and retainers.

Bucket Adapters

As the matching of the bucket teeth,the bucket adapters are also the most G.E.T parts,including Excavator Bucket Adapters,Scarifier Bucket Adapters,Weld On Corner Bucket Adapter,Center Double Strap Bucket Adapter,Bottom Strap Adapter,Loder Two Strap Adapter,Top Pin Adapter,2 Holes Corner Adapter,2 Holes Bolt-on Adapter,3 Holes Bolt-on Adapter,Bolt-On Corner Adapter,Flush Mount Adapter,Shank Adapter,Shank Nose and so on.They usually should be weld on the bucket or fixed on the bucket with pins and retainers.

Fork Teeth

JCB is a world famous British manufacturer of small excavators. And we are their OEM supplier.We offer them 100-200 tons of fork teeth every month for several years.They recognized the quality of our products.Of course,we also have other Shovel Tooth for Cat,Komatsu,Changlin and Xiagong.And the 53103205,53103208 and 53103209 are the most widely used.

Cutting Edges

Cutting edges are used to protect the sides of the bucket,usually one bucket should use two these side cutters.The rock or soil will wear the side cutters,thereby the sides of the bucket are protected.And usually,the different excavators manufacturers will have their own brand of side cutters,such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco, JCB, Hyundai, Daewoo and so on.


Protectors are also used to protect the sides of the bucket,but different place to the side cutters.One bucket usually has to match two or four pieces of these protectors.And these protectors usually should be fixed to the sides of the bucket with pins and retainers.Different excavators manufacturers also will have their own different design.

Pin and Retainer

As mentioned in teeth,adapters,side cutters and protectors,the pins and retainers will be used in everywhere.They are the very important tools in G.E.T parts.They are the connectors,the teeth and adapters,the adapters and buckets,the side cutters and buckets,the protectors and buckets and so on.There are many many kinds of pins and retainers according to the manufacturers of the excavators.