Stainless steel Parts

In the second half of 2015 we built a new production line for the new process--Silica Sol Process,which is mainly used to produce stainless steel products.So far we have developed and produced dozens of stainless steel parts for our customers,including the material of 201,202,301,304,316,316L,408,416 and so on.We will continue to learn and grow for making the best products.

Train Parts

Gunderson,is the second biggest train manufacturer in America.We have cooperated with them for nearly ten years.We are their biggest supplier in China,and we mainly offer the Train Chassis Parts and the Train Connection Parts for them.We ship to them 200-400 tons of products every month,about 20% of our production capacity.

Automobile Parts

Car Accessories are also one of our main products.We used lost wax investment casting process to produce some big parts such as Automobile Chassis Parts and Truck Brackets before for our customers.Now we have the new Silica Sol Casting process,and we also can offer some small stainless steel car parts.

Agricultural Parts

In many Western countries, it began very early mechanized farming.And we had the chance to develop and produce Agricultural Machine Parts from many years ago.We mainly provide Agricultural Plow Arms,tilling forks, shovels and farming rakes and so on for North America,Europe and South Africa customers.

Forklift Parts

Nacco Forklift Company and Toyota Forklift industries are two very famous Japanese manufacturers of forklift trucks and logistics machinery and equipment.We have cooperated with them for many years,although the amount of the monthly is not particularly large, but very stable.We mainly provide the Forklift Brackets,Forklift Shaft Accessories and other small parts.The quality of our products has been recognized by them.

Electric Power Parts

Electric Power Parts,we also call them Power Engineering Accessories or Power Machinery Parts.Which are mainly used to high-voltage lines connection or the electrical power equipment,such as Power Cable Hook,Power Cable Pulley etc.

Construction Machinery Parts

Construction Machinery Parts include the parts used in construction machine as well as the parts used in buildings.Our products are used in the former more,such as Excavator Parts,Excavator Brackets,Roller accessories,Bulldozer accessories,Construction Machinery Hook,Truck Crane Accessories and so on.And the parts like Construction Fork Connector and Construction Rocker Nut are used in buildings.